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Healing Yourself From Within

Are you satisfied with your level of health and wellbeing?

If not, you can be. You don’t need to suffer from poor health.

You can help yourself!

AreekeerA® Vibration: Healing Yourself From Within is a welcome and timely self-care breakthrough book for people who want to change their lives for the better in order to pursue and fulfil their soul’s calling. It describes and illustrates the immense gift and power of intuition.

In this simplistic, yet refreshingly engaging book … Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin describes the craft of accessing your own intuition and how you too can utilise it for your own wellbeing, how to employ it for diagnosis of disease and other health ailments.

With her captivating case studies, her incredible, personal health journey, her honesty and down to earth wisdom, Julie guides you to:

  • Access and develop your innate gift of intuition
  • Experience revolutionary, quick and simple healing techniques which dissolve pain, discomfort, stress and anxiety, and strengthens your immune system
  • Feel empowered about your health and your life to allow you to be on purpose
  • Recognise the impact your thoughts have on your body and how to change your thought patterns

By the end of AreekeerA® Vibration: Healing Yourself From Within, you will have discovered your own intrinsic gift of intuition, why you need to exercise your intuition muscle, what types of visualisations to use for fast and effective self-care results, when to use them, and what happens if you don’t take control of your health and life now.

“The exceptional results Julie’s techniques are producing are a big motivation to apply them all. This is new medicine! It is new multi-dimensional healing on all levels and by reading this book you will take the first step into becoming an apprentice of an amazing intuitive healer and teacher of your age.”

~ Dr Lea Imsiragic, M.Sci – Author “A Handbook of Energy Astrology”

"Julie Lewin has found her way to ancient wisdom through dedicated practice of a natural talent in much the same way a concert pianist earns applause while the rest of us fumble over scales. This book resonates with her voice and contains the gift of her “templates” giving us the opportunity to practice the quantum jump into the music of our souls, and become better conductors of the symphony we call our bodies."

Cathie Hill, Quantum Physics Researcher

What people who have worked 1:1 with Julie are saying:

12 Years Of Pain Almost Gone In Weeks

To work with Julie Lewin has been life-transforming. Severe and virtually chronic pain I had for twelve years has almost disappeared in a few weeks ... The treatment combined her intuitive healing abilities, which are extraordinary, with the guided visualisation she has asked me to do. These visualisations were easy and yet remarkably powerful.

Maryanne Sea, Holistic Practitioner, Perth, Australia

Julie’s Accuracy Is Uncanny

Being with Julie is like being in the presence of angels. You leave feeling full of grace, enlightenment and purity. Julie's accuracy is uncanny. Her consultations provide guidance and clarity in relation to health and life path. Her answers were needed and appreciated.

Sandra Rodman, Company Director, Brisbane, Australia

Doctor wrote “Amazed, Mysterious and Magic”

From Monday when I first spoke to you, I started to do things that I hadn’t done for a long time. [Three days after talking to you] I went to see my chest specialist who was amazed at my progress and recovery. He wrote in his report to my GP, AMAZED, MYSTERIOUS and MAGIC. I have never in my life tried anything like this. I am by nature a skeptic and I hope this will convince you of how desperate I was to go to these lengths

Dennis K., Melbourne, Australia

I Was So Impressed!

I really wanted to say congratulations. I was so impressed with your workshop. I feel just wonderful in spite of the oedema hanging around. Each day on our holiday I could feel myself improving and the same applies to since I have been home. I feel really, really well, which is so fantastic. It’s been a long time.

Lola, Cancer Patient, Sydney, Australia

Your Instructor

Julie Lewin
Julie Lewin

“A psychic reading changed my life.”

This reading was the catalyst for an extraordinary life which led Julie Lewin to create the AreekeerA® healing modality. The AreekeerA® Level 1 - Self-Care program is the culmination of her life’s work in metaphysical healing. She has spent 33 years in this field, dedicating her life to exploring metaphysics. During this time she developed techniques to heal herself and now shares them with the world.

Julie is a Medical Intuitive, Teacher, Speaker, Author, TV and Radio Personality and Founder of AreekeerA®. She is passionate about helping people live their true potential – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

She appeared on 4 episodes of the TV show “The Extraordinary” in 1994 and 1996 and since then has been sought after worldwide for her unique intuitive healing skills. Julie overcame multiple episodes of cancer, 16 years of chronic fatigue and 6 major surgeries. She learned to talk again after 95% of her left vocal cord was damaged during surgery.

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