What is AreekeerA®

The word AreekeerA® [ah-ree-kee-rah] is a channelled word. It came about after Julie Lewin received a healing from a friend. During the healing and with her eyes open Julie observed the ceiling of her bedroom open up to the blackness of the universe (during the day) and gold symbols started flowing into her body from this black hole.

When the symbols stopped, a migraine she had for 10 days ended. She sat in meditation afterwards and asked what these symbols meant. She heard that they were called “Akira” which meant the alignment of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Julie said “Surely this was not enough!” She heard these words, “Alright, Arikira – the revolutionary alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energetic and etheric bodies.”

Julie then went straight to the computer and searched the internet for this word. She discovered that Arikira is the sometimes spelling of a native American people who broke away from the Pawnee tribe.

She went back into meditation and said, “We can’t call these symbols after a people.” She heard these words, “Alright, change the ‘i’ to ‘ee’.” This word didn’t appear on the internet and Julie trademarked the word. Now her 30+ years of research and development into energy, quantum and metaphysical healing has been included under the umbrella of this unique word.

In 2014, AreekeerA® was accredited as a healing modality with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and is insurable with insurance companies such as Arthur J. Gallagher (previously known as OAMPS).

Areekeera® is a radically new and innovative self-healing and self-understanding modality. Facilitators of AreekeerA® help people align, adjust and integrate their seven bodies through a process of specific templates designed by Julie Lewin. They have been tried and tested with thousands of people since 1984.

Facilitators are trained and accredited to support their clients via these seven processes:

1. Vibrationally – via guiding them to create specific vibrational shifts through creative and spontaneous visualisation;

2. Visually - via the AreekeerA® art intuited by Julie Lewin and through facilitating AreekeerA® art activities;

3. Colour – via the seven chakra colours used creatively and deliberately;

4. Sound – via the AreekeerA® sounds created by and for Julie Lewin – including singing bowls, bells and toning forks;

5. Crystals – via the patterning of crystals with unique heart purpose activation codes by connecting to their “unique crystal receiver”;

6. Phonetic – via the 49 words intuited in relationship to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energy and etheric bodies. These words together with images from the AreekeerA® art have been combined into Oracle Cards and book which stimulates the five senses; and

7. Auditory – via workshops, teleseminars, meditation classes and digital recordings of these.

Module 4 - AreekeerA™ Templates

The templates are being recorded individually from the manual which you will receive at the workshop. You can start listening to the templates before you attend the workshop.

At the workshop we will explore the reasons why you would use the template and you will learn from each other's experience of the template as well.

The templates are recorded and there will be some text to go with the templates, however, there won't be any videos in this module.

Watch this Video

Scientists Discover We Have A ‘Force Field’ Around Our Bodies And You Can Feel It

This video came across my desk recently and I felt it was an excellent experiment to help you understand the impact of the holographic body on the physical body.

Let us know in the comments below if this has helped with your understanding of what you can achieve with the AreekeerA templates.