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As a 30 year old woman I thought I knew it all about what it means to be healthy and vibrant.

I was immersed in a world of focus on food, supplements, body treatments and exercise.

Stress management was constant in conversations, however, my understanding of real stress was yet to come.

Speak Your Truth

From the age of 30 to 35 the pressure in my life went through the roof. I had a constant inner message but it was just a whisper ...... ‘you are in the wrong place’. Truth is I often feared for my life while being in my toxic marriage.

There was a huge disconnect from what I was showing to the world, feeling at piece and having it ‘all together’……no way was this truth! I did not feel at peace or have my life together. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Inside my spirit was fading and I was getting sicker than usual for a person who was doing ALL other things right like eating well, exercising, running a successful business, supporting my husband and raising a healthy son.

Landing in Emergency Changed My Life

After 3 bouts of cellulitis (blood poisoning), I landed myself in emergency one night surrounded by screaming patients who were in immense pain. My physical pain wasn’t too intense, but the pain in my heart was excruciating.

My spirit had been fading away for over 5 years and I hadn’t found a way to find my voice, listen to my voice, trust that voice and step out and acknowledge my emotional wellbeing.

I could hear the ‘outside’ voices like: “Till death do we part”, "I am smart enough to figure this out- just be patient”, “Surely I am sensing this wrong”.

BUT I could not turn up the volume of my inner voice saying – “You Are In The Wrong Place - Get out!”

That night in hospital I broke down, I had some kind of seizure and I woke hearing a loud strong voice – “You are not getting sick for anyone. Tomorrow pack a bag and leave your marriage!”

My New Journey Began

This was the start of my journey realising that speaking your truth and your emotional wellbeing is FAR more important than the food we ingest.

Client after client I saw a pattern that it was their emotional management that needed strengthening first before a greater change could be seen in their health status.

I now lead my ‘nutrition and health consultations’ by acknowledging the emotional environment and challenges of the person in front of me.

Now as a 40 year old woman I can hear my inner voice very loudly – I trust it and know on the other side of expressing this truth, magic happens. It can be a messy magic result but, hey, that’s the adventure of life. We are always supported if we lead ourselves with truth.

This poem has been very powerful for me.


The truth will always come out.
You can try to suppress truth, you can threaten, punish, enslave, crucify those who dare speak it, you can run from it, try to numb it, silence it, smother it, shame it, ridicule it, throw all manner of lies and half-truths against it.
But in the end, truth will always come out.
Because truth is LIFE.

And it takes courage to speak truth.
You may risk losing your livelihood, your relationships, your reputation, your worldly possessions, your friends, your family, even your life.
You may be quaking as you speak it, dripping with sweat, nauseous and dry-mouthed and on the verge of fleeing.

But in the end you cannot hold it back.
It is more powerful than you.
It will outlast you. Outlive you.
You were born from it and will return to it.
It speaks through you.
You are a vessel for truth.

And when you know truth and declare it to the Universe and to all who will listen, you may feel the doubt and the guilt and the shame of it too, the terror of abandonment, old thoughts warning you to shut the fuck up.
But you may feel so alive, too.
So on your path.
So aligned with your calling.
So willing to face the consequences,
moment by moment, breath by breath.

There is no greater power on Earth
No more potent agent for change
Than you, awake.

~ Jeff Foster

AUTHOR: Sally Imeson - Nutritionist, Author, Health Coach & Mother is passionate about helping you learn how to nurture yourself well with food, and to take full responsibility for the way you love yourself and direct your life.