We all seem to look for that magic pill to keep us young, disease free, lean, strong and mentally sharp.

The search goes on and on with consumers from all around the world paying billions annually investing in pills and potions that are sold to us - all with empty promises.

I have great news!

For all the searchers and those of you who have tried pill after pill... there is a recipe to follow... BUT you need to DO something! No more giving your power away!

I have spent over 20 years in the health industry and I know that there are four ingredients to the success recipe:

1. Eat clean food

Eat trusted brands and produce from farmers who keep our food closest to it original form.

That means Non GMO —. No pesticide sprays!

You already know this!

2. Movement

Exercise and move everyday with JOY. Find something you love - and do it till you sweat. Yep, it could mean you bend, twist & play. Or you walk, run, skip ... whatever gets your heart rate up and some sweat happening.

You already know this one as well.

This is the magic pill part 🔽↘️↙️🔽 Pay attention HERE!

3. Brain/Mind

Let your brain/mind lead the way to good health or recovery from ill health.

What you think about AND how you think about the challenges and stressors in your life impact your health and wellness greatly.

Train your mind to activate the blood and cells of your body to thrive!

Don't switch off yet!

There's one more important ingredient that often gets missed.

4. Community

Find yourself some good quality listening ears in your community.

However, there is a protocol for sharing your problems or feelings. It is not about vomiting all over someone and purging yourself of your negative emotions. This is unacceptable and doesn't benefit anyone.

It doesn't benefit you because you don't learn how to master your emotions, feel them and express them in a way that opens you up to learning more about yourself.

It doesn't benefit the person with the listening ears because they will do one of two things, avoid you in the future, or give you advice you don't want and won't take and you will find your opportunities to "offload" become less and less.

How do you master your emotions?

Choose a replacement emotion that triggers enthusiasm and generates a more positive state. Instead of focusing on your problem and feeling as if you are caught between a rock and a hard place, ask yourself different questions.

A great question to ask yourself is this ...

Okay, it seems I don't have a choice here...

BUT if I did what would that look like?


Inspect your feelings and ask yourself ...

What is going on underneath this feeling?

When you get to the core of what is going on, that is when you can create the solution.

Yes, sometimes you don't like your choices, but still there are choices. When you are willing to communicate to those good quality listening ears in your community, the person you are speaking too will ask you probing questions that guide you to find your own solution, or can draw out a deeper solution if you already have one you want to bounce of them.

The greatest gift you can give someone is to listen and help them find their own solution. This way you are not responsible for their outcome. They take ownership of their solution and they are responsible for it.

There are four parts to being part of a conscious community.

Connect ... share ... support ...inspire

You have to DO these steps day in and day out.

It really is easy and doesn't have to cost a lot.
It wont give you unwanted side effects, and
You can feel totally in control of your life!!

My Magic Pill Toolbox

  1. Clean foods - I just eat real food.Foods that help the microbiome flourish - eg homemade kefir - fermented veg

  2. Movement - Make it enJOYable. I’ve just started doing Dr Mercola’s 4 minute workout
  3. Plus I carry around my 15kg baby - picking her up, in and out of the bath, wrestling her while trying to dress my miniature cyclone. Lifting baby in and out of the car - bending picking up toys - cleaning floors - plus my other favourite movement is to move out of the house haha….my ‘escape from the house’ yoga four times per week. Think staying youthful and having great posture.

  4. Emotions - I let "yuk" emotions pass through quickly and replace them with a better feeling or emotion. I talk to my cells before bed and tell them that they are cleaning and restoring back to perfect condition. I support my immune system with Julie Lewin's DNA Codon Activation technique.

  5. Community - I download my story to close friends as I process the stressors of my day. I feel heard, supported and inspired when the process is reciprocated.

This is my toolbox for staying in control of how I age, prevent illness, stay playful and live my best medication free life.This is also how I manage stress and how I find meaning each day.

AUTHOR: Sally Imeson - Nutritionist, Author, Health Coach & Mother - is passionate about helping you learn how to nurture yourself well with food, and to take full responsibility for the way you love yourself and direct your life.